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Marie Bryce

Based in Calgary, AB

Calgary-based, Storyteller and Emerging Filmmaker, Marie Bryce, is a passionate and energetic storyteller who attended Toronto Film School, solidifying her love for filmmaking. Marie took part in the Community Stories Program through Telus STORYHIVE completing the 'Wear Your Pink' documentary,  as well as attended the Banff Adventure Filmmaking at the Banff Centre. 

Marie Bryce’s passion for filmmaking is rooted in the tradition of storytelling, that “the story is told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart” (Scottish Proverb). With a strong skillset in relationship building and years of experience with community work, Marie creates video and written content that focuses on elevate the impact that people and organizations can have on the community. Marie is a collaborative and innovative artist who has a strong project management skillset and is driven to ensure projects are completed to the highest standard.

Marie has recently started up her own business, 'Emerging Narrative,' that is inspired by creating affordable, collaborative and creative content for individuals and small business'. Find out more at


2023-Badlands and Good Women Pitch 


2023- Top Chef 

2023- Carya is Here

2023- Joy’s Story

2022- Lancette Burton Artist Statement


2021- Wear Your Pink

* Fort William Mountain Film Festival

2021 - Stacey Walyuchow Artist Statement 

2020- Aging Wildly

2020-Marie and Aaron Make a Porno
* 1st Place at Aquabatics Film Comp

* 1st Place at KanFest Film Comp

2021- Poor Man’s Lament Music Video 

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